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Lake Texoma Dementia Patient Still Missing After Eight Days


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- It's now been eight days since a Lake Texoma retiree who suffers from dementia disappeared from his home near Pottsboro.

Deputies used sonar to check a pond behind the home of Enoch "Dickie" Dixon, 83, on Saturday afternoon.

"He's my daddy and I'm a daddy's girl so, I mean, he's everything," says daughter Jo Dixon.

Jo Dixon says she wasn't too worried when she first drove up from McKinney. "When my brother called me and told me, I thought, you know, they'll find him probably before I get up there," says Dixon.

But now, she doesn't know what to think. "We're very tired and at our wits' end because it's been a week," says Dixon.

"Yes, they have done an air search and they have searched the ponds and they have  searched the lake, but there's so many places that he could have wandered off in the woods that it's thick brush to get through," says Judy Raymond, the aunt of Dickie Dixon's granddaughter.

Dixon's son had gone in to take a shower last Friday evening, but says when he came out, his father was gone. They say he has some trouble walking, but his cane was still in his room.

"He's an ornery man, but he is very loveable. He would help anybody that needed help," says Raymond.

Raymond has been coordinating volunteer searchers. "We need more than 10 or 20 people. We need hundreds of people out here to help us do a thorough ground search, square foot by square foot in these woods," says Raymond. "He could be fallen down underneath brush in the ditches the gutters, anything."

"We've gone over to Hagerman, put out flyers and things and told them to show their workers so they can because they're out on the grounds all the time," says Dixon.

Now, Dixon is just hoping to see her dad again soon. "I would hug his neck and say where have you been and we've missed you," says Dixon.

Family members had been expecting a group called Texas Equusearch, but they are not coming. However, they are now talking to a different group called CUE about possibly helping in the search.