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Second Pushmataha Co. Inmate Captured Near Soper


CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK -- The second of two escaped Pushmataha County inmates is back behind bars tonight after being captured near Soper.

Clayton Scraper, 30, was located around 5 p.m. Sheriff Terry Park says Scraper, who's a sex offender, had gone to a house a few miles northwest of Soper, where the resident drove him out to the road.

Park says he tried to bail from the car and started running when he saw authorities, but they were able to chase him down and arrest him.
Scraper and another inmate, Michael Avery, 30, escaped from the county jail in Antlers on Sunday night when the sheriff says they overpowered a staff member and ran into the woods.

Avery was captured Monday near Hugo. Deputies say they were convicted of crimes in Bryan County, which was paying Pushmataha County to house them while they awaited transfer to DOC.  They now face additional charges of escape from a penal institution.