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Marshall Co. Man Killed While Working Underneath Pickup Truck


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- There's new information tonight on a Madill man killed when his pickup truck fell on top of him.

Two friends who were right nearby at the time are devastated. They managed to get him out from underneath the truck. but there was no way to save him from the head injury, and he died at the scene.

Deputies were called to the 11000 block of Snell Road near Enos around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon for a young man crushed beneath a pickup truck.

"He was underneath the truck working on the brakes and he was prying on something and it fell off the floor jack and then it fell down on him, fell onto his head," says Deputy T.J. Johnson.

"That's not what he was expecting that day, I know that," says witness Jordon Baker.

Firefighters checked Aaron Thomas, 22, of Madill, who'd been laying under the front driver's side, but he was already dead.

"He had gone to one of the tire shops and they had tightened something up too tight and he got underneath to do it," says mother of the victim's friend Tracy Williams.

"They told him not to get underneath there and he was one of those kids you know wanted to do everything on his own, and they went around and told him just a minute, we'll get you the tools and they went around to get tools, looking for antoher jack and some sockets and stuff and when they come back around the truck it had already went down."

"He just had a severe laceration to his right forehead, right above his eye," says Johnson.

Neighbors say Thomas was working on his truck here at his friends' shop building, but deputies say once the truck fell there was nothing his two friends could do to help him.

"They had to pull him out from under there," says Williams. "Nick jacked the truck back up and Junior pulled him out."

"We were at Enos Mall and we heard it over the scanner, we heard it was like right on our street, so we rushed down here and Nick kind of stopped us in the middle of the road and was like, 'Go check on that guy,' and so we just come down here and check and he was dead," says witness Alexus Lee.

Thomas went to Madill High School and worked as a welder at CM Trailers, a horse trailer company near Madill. Now, friends and neighbors try to understand the sudden loss of someone so young.

"Just makes you think about life period. I mean, I'm 21 and he's only two years older than me about and I mean that's sad, it made me call my mom," says Baker.

"It's very traumatizing just for it to be that close to home and someone that young," says neighbor Krista Flud.

Deputies say there was no foul play, and they notified the medical examiner. Thomas's body was taken to Watts Funeral Home and his father was notified.