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Mother of murder victim believes wrong person is behind bars


DENISON -- A Texoma mother says the man arrested for killing her child is innocent.

Breanna Perry, 3, died in November 2012 allegedly at the hands of her mom's boyfriend, Justin Boyce.

It happened inside the Denison home they all shared.

But now, 14 months later, investigators have made an arrest but the mother of the little girl says the wrong person is behind bars.

Boyce is seen in photos smiling alongside Perry days before she died. In one, she's even wearing a dress her mother says Boyce bought her.

But now, he is charged with causing the little girl's death, an accusation his attorney, Bob Jarvis, says is false.

"My client is absolutely innocent. He's the victim in all this when he didn't do it," Jarvis said.

A grand jury indicted Boyce on Wednesday on charges of capital murder, felony murder and injury to a child.

The indictment says Boyce caused Perry's death by using blunt force trauma to her head.

He was arrested Thursday at the Frisco department store where he worked.

"It was kind of a shock because we thought we'd shown he had nothing to do with the crime," Jarvis said.

Boyce's parents and Perry's mother, Sara Perry, say they believe he's innocent, too.

In an email to KTEN, Perry says, in part, "We have been through enough pain and we have lost enough. We do not need to lose an innocent man over this too."

Boyce's parents wrote, in part, "We believe in our son's innocence 100% and know that he had no hand in her death." They are asking "the Texoma community to reserve judgment of his guilt or innocence until the facts are presented at trial."

"The only reason why they go after my client is because he's the boyfriend. He's the easiest one to go after. But he's the only one to pass a polygraph," Jarvis said.

Jarvis showed us the results of the polygraph test Boyce passed. He has asked a judge to reduce Boyce's $1.25 million dollar bond.

In a written response to the bond reduction request to the court, the Grayson County District Attorney's office says the test was administered by a polygrapher hired by the defense. It says Boyce refused a polygraph offered by the Denison Police Department.

A bond reduction hearing is scheduled for Friday.