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Lake Texoma Retiree Still Missing From Home After Two Days


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- It's now been more than two days since a senior citizen with dementia disappeared from his home west of Pottsboro, and there's still no sign of him.

All was quiet Sunday at the home of Enoch "Dickie" Dixon, 83, following a major search on Saturday. "They've combed the whole area I don't know how many square miles at least 2 or 3 square miles around here," says son Jimmy Dixon. "I can't thank them enough for all the help and support."

"They had a helicopter out here and bloodhounds and they found nothing," says neighbor Marie Jones.

Family members gathered at the home in the 2300 block of Flowing Wells Road near Lake Texoma.

"Friends this morning come up, we put pictures of recent pictures of him together of him over the last year and they went and had copies made and they put 'em out in the stores and stuff and we're all just worried to death and we don't know what to do," says Dixon.

"I'm scared. I really am. I'm afraid that somebody picked him up on the side of the road and we've already had one murder down the street," says Jones.

Dixon's son says he had gone in to take a shower on Friday afternoon, but when he came out his father was missing and since then they've been trying everything they can to find him.

"Mr. Dixon owned the skating rink in McKinney when I was a child growing up," says family friend Carol Cassell, referring to a tent-covered rollerskating rink from the 1960s.

Cassell says she became acquainted with Dixon and his late wife again in more recent years, but noticed his mind was failing him.

"Sometimes he would forget you know something and he would go, 'Oh, I just forgot, Carol. Maybe I'll remember it in a little while, but he never would.'" says Cassell.

"I would go to Popeye's and get that Tuesday special and take it to him. He loved it. And the last time I took it to him he didn't know me," says Jones.

Meantime. family members continued to grow more tired and concerned by the hour. "It's just a waiting game. If anybody out there has seen him, please contact call 9-1-1," says Dixon.

Friends say Dickie Dixon liked to feed deer near a pond out back, and could have gone through to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge if he made it over a barbed wire fence without his cane. We're told that area was already searched.