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Former Pottsboro Star Trains for NFL Pro Day


FRISCO, TX --- Cody Bauer has knocked out plenty of firsts as a Pottsboro Cardinal; he was the first Cardinal to receive a football scholarship to a Division I school, and now that he has finished up his career at Rice University, Bauer hopes to be the first Cardinal to play in the NFL.

It'd be a dream come true, you know to make everybody proud in the town and my family for everything they've gone through to put up with me over the years it'd be really cool and I'm really excited about the opportunity," Cody Bauer said.

Training for the NFL draft is no easy task.

"I wake up at 5 in the morning , down a breakfast, I got to drive an hour down here to the training facility, train all day, work out twice, physical therapy, stuff you do for recovery, meals, you go through like wonderlick training, you know everything all day until about 3 or 4 and then you go home and start it all over again the next day," Bauer said.

Even with his busy training schedule, Bauer still finds time to catch up with his high school coach, Matt Poe.

"He's really excited for me. He's telling me to take advantage of it, soak it in, but do your best, you know like he supports me no matter what I do, but he's really happy for me," Bauer said.

"This opportunity as far as playing in the NFL only comes around once, well you have one shot at it and I tell him this is, you're young, you're single, this is the time to go see what you can do and you know if it happens for you great, if not you have no regrets you didn't give any effort," Pottsboro head coach, Matt Poe said.

Bauer will participate in Rice's Pro Day on March 17th.