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Residents Not Happy With New Pet Ordinances In Healdton


HEALDTON, OK -- Some people in  the city of Healdton are unhappy after last night's council meeting where new ordinances concerning family pets were approved.

Following the approval of new ordinances at Monday night's meeting, city officials now say that people living in Healdton may only have three dogs and/or three cats for one residence.

"They chose to have three and or...three dogs three cats," said City Manager Charles Clark. "The board felt that was plenty flexible."

But some residents are not agreeing.

"When we asked them at the council meeting what do we do with our extra dogs, how do we pick and choose those? Their only answer they could give us, 'Well you should find them a good home or you should euthanize them,'" said Paige James.

Paige James says she has close to 20 dogs at her home with six being personal pets while also operating a licensed kennel.

She doesn't like the thought of choosing between her animals.

"You wouldn't just give your child away because you have three children and then you have a fourth and you have to give one away because you have four children," said James. "You would not do that, so absolutely I think most people would agree with me with paying $15, $20 more than have to get rid of that pet."

Healdton council members say they do not plan to go door to door and check if residents are following the new ordinance.

"They would be fined for having an unlicensed dog because we would only license the three that were authorized by ordinance," said Clark.

The council members did not specify the amount of the fine.

Less than 2 weeks ago the city's animal shelter was shutdown after reports of several dogs dying during freezing temperatures.     

City officials told us the dogs were sleeping on concrete and there weren't any heaters in the facility.    

The city manager said Monday the town's animal shelter will remain closed until further notice.

The new ordinances are set to go into effect in 30 days.