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Grayson County Hospital Recognized for Fit-Friendly Workplace


SHERMAN, TX--A local hospital is being recognized for making an effort in promoting a fitness-friendly workplace. At Heritage Park Surgical Hospital in Sherman, about 15 percent of its employees just went through a 12 week wellness program, and their hard work is paying off in a big way.

"Honestly if we hadn't have had this at work, I don't know that I would have done it," said nurse Kathy Peden.

Heritage Park nurses say that for the past three months, they've competed in a "biggest loser" challenge, and they all came out as winners.

Peden said: "It's been great for me. I lost about 70 pounds."

Nurse Rayna Monroe said: "I gained a lot of weight with being pregnant, so I knew I had to get back into my old body. I lost a total of 45 pounds."

It was director of marketing Kendra Sikes who applied with the American Heart Association to work at becoming a fit-friendly work site.

Sikes said: "The American Heart Association states that two out of every three Americans are obese. The heart attacks, the strokes--thankfully we don't get that here because we're a surgical hospital--but the numbers are outstanding in Grayson County."

In total, employees at Heritage Park Surgical Hospital say that they lost almost 400 pounds in a span of just 12 weeks.

"You know you've got the people that you work with, that you're with 8 hours a day that's in it with you," said Peden. "It made all the difference in the world, I don't know that I would have done it otherwise."

During the program, Sikes says the hospital offered a wide range of physical activities and Weight Watchers meals to the 38 program members.

"We had people that wanted to do workout classes in the morning at 4am before work," she said.

Those who participated say the Weight Watchers point system kept them on track.

Monroe said: "We got points for 5ks, we got points for every time we worked out, points for submitting a grocery bill with healthy foods."

Sikes said of the other employees: "It really makes me proud to see that they are making lifestyle changes and not jumping on the fad diets."

Sikes says she traveled to Dallas yesterday to receive gold recognition from the American Heart Association. The hospital is proud to say it's the only one in the area to receive the award.