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Authorities Look For Reasons Why Shootings Took Place


ARDMORE, OK -- Law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out why an Ardmore man went on a shooting spree across two counties, before being gunned down by police.

It all started about 9:30 Wednesday night, when a man in a black hoodie and ski mask shot a woman in a car on Burton street.

The next afternoon, police suspected the same man shot a man in the hip just a few blocks away during an argument.

By 6 PM on Thursday, Ardmore police named 19-year old Henry Jackson as the suspect.

Authorities in Johnston County say about 6:45 Thursday, a man forced his way into a home a few miles northeast of Tishomingo.     

They say he shot and killed 21-year old Marcus Cole Holt and kidnapped a woman and two kids.     

They eventually were either by their abductor.

Sheriff Jon Smith says Jackson is the suspect in the crimes.

"Ardmore had contacted an individual there that had engaged in some gunfire with ATF agents and he was driving the vehicle that he had taken from this homicide site," said Smith.

Which Ardmore police say was a four door 1998 silver Taurus.

Around 7 PM, Ardmore police say two ATF agents noticed the Taurus and followed it.

Shots were fired from the vehicle, injuring the two agents. Both are said to be in good condition.

"I just never thought it would happen over here," said Mattie Williams, a longtime resident where the shooting between Jackson and the agents took place.

A little later --around 9:30 PM-- Ardmore police officers noticed the silver car again and tried to stop it.

That's when they say Jackson -- who was inside the vehicle -- took off.

"I didn't see I heard the shots go off," said John Powers, who lives on Martin Luther King Drive, where the chase ended. "There was a bunch of 'em. I don't know how many. It scared me, I don't feel good at all."

"I'm glad we weren't at home," said Cynthia Pickens, another resident along Martin Luther King Drive. "We weren't at home when all this went on, we just left."

"I just got in the house and sat down, I said, 'What the heck going on?'" said Roy Dunham.

On Friday, local authorities say they were looking into the motive behind the shootings.

"This investigation is far from over," said Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt. "We'll continue to look into motive not just for the violence against law enforcement but also the other shootings he's been implicated in."

Ardmore police believe Jackson acted alone.

"There's no indication that anyone else was involved in any of the shootings," said Hunnicutt. "So Mr. Jackson is our primary suspect but we are certainly looking for anybody that may have been with him [Thursday]."

Ardmore police say the other shooting victims are doing ok.

They also say that no one else was hurt during the shootout between Jackson and police.