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Tom Bean Point Guard Hits Crazy Buzzer Beater

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TOM BEAN, TX ---- Buzzer beaters are always rare in basketball. Especially the farther you get from the hoop.

"It was a once in lifetime thing. I couldn't probably go the rest of my career and not see a shot like that," Tom Bean head coach Wes Chapman said.

It was the shot heard 'round Texoma.

"Right at the end of the quarter, Logan got the outlet pass off of a rebound and just kind of put it up. I didn't think there was anyway possible it was going in," Chapman said.

"When Sheldon, my teammate, he got the rebound, I called for the outlet pass and I just kind of put it up, there was one second left and luckily it went in," Tom Bean senior point guard, Logan Ledane said.

Logan Ledane's 72 foot buzzer beater helped propel Tom Bean to a ten point victory over district foe Pottsboro....and everyone in attendance, even the Cardinal faithful were impressed.

"I got even more excited because I saw everyone on the court saw it. Even the Pottsboro fans were clapping for it. It was pretty amazing," Tom Bean junior center, Sheldon Robertson said.

The reaction the shot received got us thinking...could we recreate it? Logan's teammates got to try first.

Then it was Logan's turn.

And finally I got a crack at it.

Looks like we'll have to leave the in game buzzer beaters to Logan LeDane.