Land Commissioners Vote on Lawsuit Against Pointe Vista Develope - - No One Gets You Closer

Land Commissioners Vote on Lawsuit Against Pointe Vista Developers


At a special meeting this morning, the Oklahoma Commissioners of Land Office voted to sue the Pointe Vista developers. The decision comes after months of questions about where the development and construction stands at the site of the old Lake Texoma Lodge in Kingston, Oklahoma.

In a statement of Commissioners of the Land Office, Secretary Harry Birdwell said, "The Commissioners of the Land Office has worked for months to reach a solution that will bring economic development to the area. However, in the last few weeks it has become increasingly clear that a lawsuit is one of the few remaining options to achieve a desirable outcome for the community. Today's decision does not mean we will lessen our efforts if other options present themselves."

KTEN has reported before, according to the contract, Pointe Vista was supposed to have a substantial portion of the hotel and conference center built by May of 2014. That construction has not started. Pointe Vista representatives have said in the past, they blame the downturn in the nations economy for the delays.

We hope to have more reaction and information about this pending lawsuit tonight on KTEN News.