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Neighbors Remember Woman Who Died In House Fire


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Fire officials in Ardmore say a woman died from smoke inhalation in her home last night after backing into a space heater.  

Firefighters say it started about 6:30 Tuesday night in a house on the 200 block of 7th Avenue Northwest.     

Neighbors say they were immediately concerned about the elderly woman who lived there.

"I came outside and I saw smoke coming out of the deal and I got really worried," said Audra Templeton. "And I went over there to the neighbors and I tried to maybe help because I thought that lady was in there."

That lady was 82-year old Nellie Brodus.

Fire Marshal Clyde Ellis says the fire started when the woman backed into a gas space heater in her home, catching her clothes on fire.

"It looked like she got the clothing off but the heat and carbon monoxide had overcome her," said Ellis.

Neighbors say that Nellie lived in the house since 1990. They also say she was loved by her neighbors along 7th Avenue and treated like family.

And now they say it will be difficult to imagine life without her living next door.

"She would try to clean houses for people, she was just a good lady and everybody around here just hates to see her go," said Ricky Webb. "She's been here for so long."

Kandice Hunt tried to enter the house after she and her uncle saw the smoke.

"I kicked the back door in and made it to the kitchen on my hands and knees with my shirt over my face," said Hunt. "My uncle kicked the front door in right as the fire department was getting here."

Neighbors say Brodus will be remembered as one of the most caring neighbors on the block.

"She was getting old on us, maybe a little forgetful, but one of the sweetest women we know." 

And with temperatures still around freezing from the weekend's winter storm, Ellis says to use caution while operating space heaters.