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Dog Show Held At Hardy Murphy Coliseum


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore went to the dogs Saturday where the 5th annual Southern Oklahoma Bully Dog Show was held.

"We thank Southern Oklahoma Bullys for putting on this show, but we want to ask you right now if you could just take care of your dogs, clean up after your dogs, clean up after your dogs."

Yes that's what you might hear at any dog show.

But these big bullys? At a dog show?

"I mean it's just completely different than what people expect," said Brock Mackey, a bully owner from Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Sure, but what exactly is a bully?

"Just an extreme dog that looks massive with a real good attitude," said Oscar Gomez, from World Bully Association.

Although they may look "bad to the bone," owners say the dogs are more like bodybuilders, but with a teddy bear attitude.

It may not look like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show or be held in the flashy confines of Madison Square Garden, but one thing is certain these folks love their bullys.

That's the reason why Joey Brown and his family have been hosting the show for five years now.

"Oh it's just kind of neat like I said, just to see the people get together over the dogs," said Brown. "People come from all over the United States to do it. We got people from California, New Jersey, Illinois, of course Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. I mean all over."

Jill Dunagan and her 5-year dog Treyton says shows like these create a certain atmosphere.

"It's like home," said Dunagan. "Where everybody can come together and share their passion with all these dogs. It's like home and there's no place like it."

No place like it indeed when dogs can walk themselves.

Brown says over 400 dogs were under the roof of Hardy Murphy Coliseum at Saturday's show.