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Law Enforcement Brings Awareness to Domestic Abuse


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK-- According to statistics domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women. The Marshall County sheriff's office and the Durant crisis center are teaming up to bring awareness to Texomans.

Marshall county undersheriff Danny Cryer says over the last month they've responded to numerous calls on domestic violence.

"In the last 10 years, they've improved training, they've improved different types of domestic training classes that they can train the officers in so I think officers are now seeing that it's not so much mutual combat, but there's different types of domestic violence," said Cryer.

According to statistics between 55 and 95 percent of women who have been physically abused don't report it, or get help.

Anna Marcy works at a crisis center in Durant and says often times women aren't aware that they're in an abusive relationship, and think that abuse only means physical violence.

"Putting you down, making you feel guilty or embarrassed, not letting you have a job, isolating you from friends and family," said Marcy.

Mental and emotional abuse is just as damaging. Experts say not only do many cases go unreported, many women return to their abuser.

Marcy says it's something people shouldn't judge, but rather help the victim realize they're not alone. There are also small things they can do to get help.

"Get a protective order, get phone numbers for emergency to put in their phone, give them an emergency phone to use, always ask for help, don't try to leave an abusive relationship on your own," said Marcy.

While most women think a protective order isn't enough, officers say it does make a difference.

"Protective orders you're right, it's not going to stop them, but if you see them messing around they don't get to pass go, they don't get to collect 200 dollars they're going straight to jail," said Cryer.

Marcy says she encourages law enforcement to have women contact the crisis center and that hopefully with time those statistics will go down.

If you or someone you know is being abused, please contact your local crisis center.

Crisis Control Center, Inc.
115 north 12th avenue
Durant, OK 74701

(580) 924-3030

Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma

Ardmore, Ok


Grayson County Crisis Center

4200 N Travis St  Sherman, TX 75092
(903) 892-8595