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Pinpointing The Nation


Pinpointing the nation -- Crazy stories from across the states.

Mom fakes daughter's cancer:     

Friends of a Utah woman who claimed her daughter is dying of cancer say they were sickened to find out the woman lied just to steal their money.  Police say the woman collected at least $5,000 from friends who wanted to help with her mounting medical bills.  They say she managed to convince everyone that her 11 year-old daughter had cancer including the girl herself.  "Anyone that's sat in a hospital or watched a child go through this wouldn't ever want their worst enemy to have to endure it, so to fake it is really surprising."  The woman was arrested on fraud charges.  If she's convicted she'll have to pay the money back and could spend up to 5 years in prison and a maximum $5,000 fine.

School Bus Ride From Hell:

It was a wild ride for students on a school bus in Florida when the brakes failed.  The bus driver dodged car after car flying down the wrong way of the road helpless and horrified.  "We're trying to get help and everyone is honking in other cars, everyone is honking and waving at us like we're playing a joke or something."  The bus driver eventually brought the bus to a halt by rubbing its tires against the curb.  Miraculously.. No one was hurt.

Tour Bus Crash:

Several people were hurt when a charter bus crashed and flipped over on a California freeway this morning.  At least 3 people were flown by medical helicopter to the local hospital.  They're expected to be okay.

Car into house explosion:

A house in Oakland caught fire after a car crashed into the place this afternoon.  Fire officials say the 80 year-old woman hit the house's gas meter after she lost control of her car.  A passing driver stopped and pulled the elderly woman out of her car.  No one was home when it happened.

Doughnut Fight:

It was an all out maylee at a Dunkin donuts in Florida after a pair if customers went berserk when they got the wrong order at the drive-thru.  The couple came in an attacked a clerk even using a hand gun to pistol-whip the worker.  Other customers stepped in to help and held the attackers until police arrived and took them to jail.

Topless Motorcycle Rider:

And finally... Drivers on a Wisconsin highway got an eye full after a woman decided to ride a motorcycle topless.  "She has a shirt on but her breasts are exposed and she's driving with no hands right now."  Police say the topless woman drove several miles before she lost control and dumped the bike in the middle of the highway.  She had a few cuts and bruises, but wasn't seriously hurt.  No word yet on why she did it.  And that's tonight's pinpointing the nation.