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Wilson Police Search For Runaway Teen

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Wilson, Ok-- the community of Wilson Oklahoma is on edge after rumors of a missing, and possibly abducted girl started circulating on Facebook last week.

Rumors that 17-year-old Molly Miller is missing have surfaced all over social media.
With nearly 5,000 posts about the teen and numerous calls to the police department,  police said they looked into the case to make sure the teen is not in danger.

 "We've checked the area where she was reportedly being held against her will, love county under sheriff Harvey Stewart checked with some," said Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez.

Chief Hernandez said the teen is believed to be with a 21-year-old man. As of now they don't believe the teen is in any danger.

Hernandez said the family filed a runaway report on July 8th and even though they said she has runaway a couple times before, the family said she's never gone this long without telling them where she was staying

"Her phone is not working and that's unusual too, it's like someone has taken her phone or like it's been thrown away or something, her phone has not worked in over a week," said Melissa Henderson, Miller's mother.

Authorities said the Carter County sheriff's office is assisting them with the case, they said the sheriff's office got a tip the teen may have been in Ardmore on July 6th. They visited the home and were told miller and the man were dating and that they appeared to be fine.

"We were told by amber alert that she didn't meet the criteria and they couldn't do it," said Chief Hernandez.

Millers parents are begging for their daughter to come  home

"You're not in trouble just please come home or call or something, let us know you're ok," said Henderson.

Law enforcement officials said they have done everything they can possibly do and will continue the search until miller is found.

"We appreciate any leads as to where she may be and we just want to be sure that she's safe and that we can get her back home to her parents," said Chief Hernandez.

Police urge anyone with any information to contact the Wilson Police Department immediately.