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Tishomingo Residents Line Up For Pinto Bean Spitting Contest

TISHOMINGO, OK -- Hundreds turned out in Johnston County for a Fourth of July festival. For the third year, Tishomingo's celebration included a pinto bean spitting contest organized by the Johnston County Chamber of Commerce.

A couple dozen contestants lined up to spit three beans each. They were divided up by gender and age group and then there was a final face-off. For the third year, resident Darrell Walker came in with the winning spit at 65 feet and two inches.

"I don't have any teeth, I roll my tongue when I spit, and I shot blow guns for many years. I think the blowgun experience has more to do with it than anything else," says champion Darrell Walker.

Walker removes his dentures before spitting the beans. He says organizers originally considered a watermelon seed spitting contest, but switched to pinto beans.

Stacy Linder had the second best spit with 40 feet and 5 inches. Firefighters also held a new duck race in the water nearby as a fundraiser for the Tishomingo Fire Department. Fireworks will take place tonight at Murray State College.