Fire Destroys Auto Shop in Marietta - - No One Gets You Closer

Fire Destroys Auto Shop in Marietta


MARIETTA, OK--A weekend fire destroys a building in Marietta, leaving the owner without a business.

This is all Lester Douglass has left of his business after a fire completely destroyed his building.

"I was working on a pickup in the middle stall; I just basically finished it and went to start it up. When I went to start it, and it fired to start and just as it started it went up in flames underneath the hood," said Douglass.

Douglass said he's had his business for more than 15 years and say he's sad to see it go, but said he's thankful that he was able to make it out alive

"I kept trying to put it out and couldn't get it out, grabbed the two fire extinguishers and neither one of them worked," said Douglass.

He was able to get out of the burning building through a garage door with minor burns to his hands. Douglass said he also managed to push at least one vehicle out of the building.

One of the vehicles that burned in the flames belonged to Douglass' uncle, who said he's not upset at all

"it's just one of those things that happens, I'm just surprised that he got out of there alive," said L. J Lornes.

Officials with the Marietta Fire Department said the fire started around 1:30 p.m.  Sunday afternoon.
"We had heavy smoke and a lot visible flames especially in the rear part of the building, and we had three fire departments that responded to it," said Marietta Volunteer Firefighter Tracey Smithwick.

The owner said he doesn't know when or if he will rebuild, but said he gives thanks the community for their support.

"Everybody has been great and I want to thank everybody, the whole town, the whole county has been unbelievable," said Douglass.
 For now Douglass said he will continue to clean-up and stay thankful he made it out alive.

Officials said no other injuries were reported.