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Van Alstyne's Mayes brothers to join forces in Minnesota

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- From blue Panthers to Golden Gophers, Van Alstyne's brothers Mayes will soon dominate Big 10 line of scrimmages.

Big brother Alex is already signed, sealed and delivered to Minneapolis, while little - well not so little brother Connor - has one more year at V.A., but a reunion at the University of Minnesota next summer is all part of the plan.

"I just really had a dream of playing with him in Division I football since I was a little kid," Connor said.

He's racked in the offers as one of the top offensive linemen in the nation.

Alex isn't a stranger to that and while Connor was getting offers from schools like Oklahoma, Texas A&M and TCU big brother was there to give some advice.

"Just to love the recruiting process because it goes by in a flash and it's been a good experience," Connor added.

They're sharp kids, offensive linemen typically are and what they've done on the beautiful turf at Van Alstyne won't be soon forgotten.

"It's been a blessing, it really has not just for me but for our whole program. I mean they're great kids, they're hard workers, great parents, very supportive, I mean it's been a blessing," head coach Mikeal Miller said.

There's only one problem -- with Minnesota being almost 1,000 miles away how will mom and did get to see their boys play?

Well, it seems the Mayes already have it figured out.

"They've got everything planned out and they're going to be able to make it to most of our games and they're not going to be able to miss much," Connor concluded