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Roff Tigers following senior's lead into State Semis

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ROFF, OK -- It has been more than a month since Roff dominated Glencoe 12-5 in the Class A quarterfinals.

With all the time off, the tigers may have the best advantage of any of the four remaining clubs.

"We're a young bunch, not a lot of experience. So it helped us a lot. Our senior, he helped us a lot through it to get through everything," sophomore first baseman Zach Lewis said.

Bryce Antonio is the lone impact 12th grader on the team and has stepped up when his team needed him most.

"Well all I do is tell them that we still have games to play and we can't hold back on that," the second baseman said.

Antonio is done with high school -- graduation was in May -- but he's not going to pass up the chance to win his fourth state title.

"I know as a senior it's hard to come to the ball park when you've got the rest of your life to think about, but I've been real proud of him because I think he's stayed tuned and he's working hard," head coach Ead Simon said.

It has been two years since the Tigers brought home a state championship. Way too long for a program like Roff's.

"If we don't bring home the trophy then we're going to be disappointed and we're young this year but that doesn't change our goals. It doesn't change from year to year around here. We're, like I said, very spoiled and it's kind of all or nothin'," added Simon.

This is a team that three-peated from 2009-11, even threw in a fall title in '09.

All that experience for Antonio, plus six state tournament appearances helps him lead the bunch.

"They're always nervous, but I tell them every time I got there I was nervous too. But, after the first pitch -- our first pitch thrown and everything -- just ease in and butterflies go away," he said.

It's a big 24 hours for Antonio and the Tiger cubs. But he won't let up until he helps them earn their stripes.

"Leading this team would be in amazing accomplishment for me to win a state championship and bring it back here to Roff," Antonio concluded.

Roff will take on Sterling in a semifinal matchup Saturday at 4:30 p.m. in Shawnee.