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Plainview Indian baseball back to state


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ARDMORE, OK -- This isn't new territory for the Plainview Indians. They're used to making the mid-May trip to central Oklahoma just three wins away from a championship.

But after moving up a class this spring, they needed a wake up call to make it back.

"I think moving up to 4A was kind of overwhelming at first, just a little bit. But once we just accepted it and moved on with it we really started to play good baseball," senior first baseman Chase Brooks said.

More like great baseball.

The Indians are 31-6 on the season and peaking at the right time. They're far from done and they know that from experience.

"Just got to continue working hard and doing things right and not to be satisfied right now, I mean there's a task at hand and we need to go take care of business," head coach Brent Hackney added.

It's been 13-years since the school's one and only baseball championship.

They've been to the tournament four out of the last five, even making it to the semi-finals last year, but forget about Friday, they want to play on Saturday.

"It's not one of those years where we're just thankful we made it, which we are thankful we made it, but we also feel that we can go up there and compete and hopefully bring home a championship," Hackney said.

There's no lack of confidence in the Plainview dugout. The determined corp of seniors and willing underclassmen are well aware of what they have to do to get it done.

With that in mind, the rest of the field should be a bit nervous.

"We understand we have to take care of ourselves and if we can take care of ourselves, we can take care of any other team out there," senior catcher James Bowker said.

"It's all on our shoulders I feel like. I feel like if we just go play our ball game, we can walk away with a title," Brooks concluded.