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Firearm Instructor Bill Would Make License Renewal Easier


ARDMORE, OK-- A bill in Oklahoma that would eliminate an extra step for firearm instructors when renewing their CLEET license has just been signed into law by the governor. 

Richard Holkum is a licensed firearm instructor for Gun Camp USA. When he and other instructors like him need to renew their licenses in Oklahoma, they're required to submit a second finger print.

"ii this county you've got to call the sheriff's office to make an appointment, it's about two weeks down the line before you can get in," said Holkum.

State Rep. Pat Ownbey said requiring a second fingerprint makes no sense.

"After the first time on renewal, there's no reason why you should have to be re-finger printed again. Obviously it never changes that allows now him or her to renew their license without re- finger printing," said Ownbey.

Holkum said submitting a second fingerprint is time consuming for both applicants and officials.

"It's a job for the sheriff's office that should help lighten their load a little bit it should make it easier for the applicants too," said Holkum.

 Right now, instructors have to apply for a renewal after their 5 yr license has expired.
 Ownbey says he wants to change that.

"if you're an instructor, you can now have a ten year license. The oversight was that back when the licenses were increased to 10 years for the general public, it wasn't increased for the instructors," said Ownbey.

Currently law also restricts the amount of money instructors can charge for their services. Fees are capped at $60, but Ownbey said under the new bill that too would go away
something Holkum said is only fair.

"I think $60 needs to be raised because there are different circumstances under different instructional situations and different instructors have different things they offer, and so it would help if it was raised," said Holkum.