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Chemical Spill at Springer Public Schools Cafeteria


SPRINGER, OK-- Parents and students are concerned after a dangerous chemical was spilled in a school cafeteria.    

Workers at Springer Public Schools somehow exposed the brand new cafeteria to a hazardous chemical.

 Students at the school were told they had to temporarily go back to their old cafeteria because the chemical was so powerful, it was eating through equipment.

We contacted the superintendent and she declined to go on camera. She said the school is taking care of the issue and assures that no student is in danger.

She said they've had several authorities check the school and make sure the air is safe for students to breathe.

One senior student says he was unaware of the spill but says he refuses to eat in the cafeteria.

"I'm not eating in there! There's no way!," said senior student Chase Satterwhit.