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Some Students Find "Sugar Daddies" to Pay For College


TEXOMA--- A college education doesn't come cheap. In fact, it has become so expensive that many young co-eds are turning to a new website where they can trade their time, and even their bodies, for tuition.

The website is where young women can go to find rich men.  However, unlike typical dating sites, these women come with a hefty price tag. Many of them charge up to thousands of dollars for their time.

Brittany is a 28-year-old graduate student who describes herself as a normal girl, with an average job, a regular car and a lot of bills to pay.

"I have about $13 thousand dollars worth of student debt," said Brittany. 

However, behind closed doors, she said her life is anything but normal. More than a year ago, she created a profile on, a website that matches young women with rich men.

"The majority of people that I have met are great everyday people," said Brittany.

On the website, Brittany is listed as a 'sugar baby' who is seeking financial help from a so-called 'sugar daddy'.

"A sugar daddy is someone who's usually a lot older," website representative Angela Bermudo said. "It's a successful and generous person who doesn't have time for conventional dating."  

She said these men make arrangements with the so-called 'sugar babies', agreeing to pay their girls a set amount of money for their companionship.

"When I meet somebody for dinner and we've had a nice time I'll usually come with $300,"  Brittany said. "The most I've ever been offered for an extended period of time is $5,000 a month."

Since she's been on the site, Brittany said she's dated around 20 of 'sugar daddies'.  

"I've met the single guy who works too much to have a girlfriend and wants somebody to have fun with," said Brittany. "I've met men who are married and it even goes to the point where I've met couples on the site."

She said despite what some may think, she hasn't had sex with all of the men she's made arrangements with. She said the site is not an escort service, nor are these arrangements prostitution.

"Is it expected, no," Brittany said. "I think most likely its hoped for on the man's end. It's hoped for, but by no means is it required or expected."

College psychology professor Carla Fanning said she isn't buying it.

"You're providing a service for money," Fanning said. "I'm sure they don't see it that way. They see it more as companionship and they probably say we don't have to have sex with them, but it's probably certainly more common than not."

This weekend, Brittany is flying to Fort Lauderdale to meet one of her 'sugar daddies'.

"He basically offered me $5,000 a month," Brittany said. "In return, whenever he wants to get together and have fun I travel to see him."

She said this weekend they will stay in a luxury hotel, eat at the nicest restaurants, shop at the finest stores and party at the hottest clubs.

"He's just at that age where he wants to have fun and there are plenty of girl who are looking to have fun with a wealthy man," Brittany said.

The website has over 2 million user profiles and about 40% of them are college students. A representative for the website said currently there are about 570 Texoma students actively using the site.

"I have a friends who is signed up on the website," said one Texoma college student.

"Most people from Texoma really don't have the best jobs or the most money," said another college student. "If you're just looking for a good time and you like that party style, why not?"

However, some students say it's just not for them.

"I don't think I would feel good about myself I was doing that," said one Texoma college student. 

"To be 18, 19 or 20-years-old and have all that money given to you and all you have to do is learn, it's not good for your own upbringing," said another Texoma college student. 

However, despite all of the mixed opinions, Brittany said she's just looking to have fun, but that the money doesn't hurt either.

"I'm excited to see the world and see what's out there," said Brittany. 

Fanning said she doesn't recommend using sites like this and that if you are listed on one, you should always use caution.