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Oklahoma Police Conduct Underage Alcohol Buying Sting


DURANT, OK---- More than a dozen Durant businesses were targeted in a sting operation to see if they would sell alcohol to minors. The Oklahoma Police Department teamed up with ABLE agents and teen volunteers for tonight's sting. They visited several Durant businesses to see who would sell to the volunteer minors and officers say the night's results were pleasantly surprising.

Buckled up and ready to go, two undercover teen volunteers headed out with several Southeastern Oklahoma police officers to see if any Durant businesses would sell alcohol to minors.

"Tonight we're just going to be giving warnings," Kingston Police Officer David Irving said. "We're just making the public aware of what's going on."

The group first stopped at Chili's, but quickly left after realizing a classmate of one of the volunteer students worked there. Next, they headed to Pizza Hut, where the teens ordered and received a pitcher of beer. The restaurant worker was issued a warning.

"We're not looking to arrest anyone tonight, but more to educate the vendors that it's illegal to sell alcohol to minors," Irving said.

Police say selling liquor to minors is a felony offense and selling low point beer is a misdemeanor. They say these offenses are all punishable crimes by district courts.

Salita's Mexican Restaurant was the next stop on the list. Upon arrival, the two were carded and rejected just seconds after ordering two beers.

Waitress Morgan Baker said she could tell the two were minors before she ever even carded them.

"I was pretty confused because I didn't know if they thought that I would just serve them just because I'm kind of the same age," Baker said.

The waitress says the restaurant takes underage drinking very seriously.

They also visited several convenience stores. At a Shell gas station one of the minors walked out with a case of Bud Light Lime.

ABLE agents say this wasn't the first time this Shell has sold to a minor. They say the store has been under scrutiny in the past and that they were hoping today's results would have been different.

In total, only two out of the seven stops sold to the minors.

Today, officers say these numbers are down from last year and that they contribute the decrease to doing regular stings once every three months.