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Controversy Continues in Achille


ACHILLE, OK-- The town of Achille is in hot water again.  Several city officials have decided to resign as a result of Tuesday night's city council meeting. KTEN's Erin Jones has the story.

Once again, controversy has erupted in Achille.  For the second time in a week, the town's city council has fired Police Chief Eric Guhl.

"They run the mayor off, they run a good chief of police off here and they've run off all the officers here," says Stacy Scoggins, Achille's former Fire Chief, "It's unfortunate."

Last week, the council terminated Guhl through a majority vote during a city council meeting, but the next day they changed their minds and members held a special press conference to tell Guhl they had decided to reinstate him.

Guhl was supposed to be officially reinstated at this past Tuesday's city council meeting, but that never happened.

Former Achille Police Captain Allen Golden says, "I received a telephone call from Chief Guhl last night that they did not decide to keep him again and I feel really unfortunate for the citizens."

"I was pretty surprised , pretty shocked, because less than a week before that those particular council members were eager to bring me back," says Guhl.

As a result, Mayor Dean Collins, Fire Chief Stacy Scoggins and two police officers have all resigned.

Leaving Achille with two officers to patrol the entire city, something that residents say is concerning.

"We're more likely to start having a problem," says one local resident.

"Nobody likes it, like I said, because something could be happening and nobody would be here to stop it," adds another.

But despite the concern, city officials say Tuesday's decision is the last straw.

"I've obtained legal council and we are exploring taking legal action against the board of trustees," says Guhl.

Former Captain Golden adds, "I've already changed departments."

While they wish the citizens of Achille the best, they say they're done being a part of it.

Erin Jones, KTEN News