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New details in the death of a Sherman woman on Hwy 75


SHERMAN, TX - It was a bizarre accident that kept Sherman investigators busy for several hours late Friday night, when a Sherman woman was hit and killed on Highway 75.

The biggest question on everyone's mind? Why was Hope Douglas walking along the highway?

We talked with investigators and the family on Monday.

After an emotional few days, the family is starting to get some answers about this tragic accident.

Investigators now say what started as an argument in the car, ended in Hope's death.

They say she and her husband pulled over on Highway 75 because of the argument, and that's why she was walking on the road.

A reality her family is having a hard time dealing with.

"Hope left a hole in our lives and she left a hole in our hearts, and I don't know if we'll get over this," said Sherry Brisco, Hope's nana.

Just a few days after Hope Douglas was tragically killed, her family is still trying to face the fact that she's gone.

"She has 2 beautiful children and she has a mother that is going to miss her, and lots of aunts and uncles that are just heart broken," said Hope's Aunt, Tina Douglas.

Investigators say Hope and her husband were arguing in the car late Friday night, as they drove down Highway 75.

They say the 2 pulled over to the shoulder, and Hope got out and started walking and that's when she was hit by a Nissan Titan truck.

"I just wish I could've been able to come down and visit her one more time before this happened," said Cousin, Ashley Cox.

Hope was 26 years old, the same age as her cousin Ashley, who says they had recently been reunited after years apart, and now she'll attend Hope's funeral on Wednesday.

 "She was one of those people that you know she was so kind, and she was very loving, she was an awesome mother," said Cox.

An interesting fact we learned about this place where Hope's funeral will be held, Craven's Funeral Home used to be known as the House of Hope, a rehab center here in Sherman for twenty years. It's a small fact that made Hope's family smile, much like they say she always did for others.

"She was kind and nice to everybody, anyone who ever met her knew they had a true and genuine friend," said Tina Douglas.

Hope leaves behind 2 children, ages 6 and 8, and her family says they're going to make sure they remember her.

We got some calls about a possible scam asking for money to help the family with Hope's funeral.

We looked into it and it's not a scam, Craven's Funeral Home in Sherman is taking donations.

The family night is tomorrow from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the funeral is Wednesday at 11 a.m.

They're asking everyone to wear bright colors, like purple, Hope's favorite color.