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Local Texas Law Enforcement Affected By Guns and Ammo Shortage

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX---- The national discussion on gun control, assault weapons bans and magazine restrictions has caused millions of Americans to go on a weapons buying frenzy. The waiting lists for guns and ammunition have grown so long that several Texomans are being impacted, including members of local law enforcement.

Officers at the Van Alstyne Police Department say the nationwide ammo and gun shortage is starting to hit close to home. Guns are getting scarce and bullets are on backorder at several firearms distributors, including the ones that their department depends on.

"Last week one of the largest distributors of ammunition stated that they've sold the same amounts in the last two days as they've sold in the past seven years," Van Alstyne Chief of Police Tim Barnes said.

Members of the Sherman Police Department say their stock levels are fine.

"The Sherman Police Department has a surplus built up and I believe the surplus will allow us to still train and qualify everybody in our department from the chief down for at least one year," Sherman Police Sergeant D.M. Hampton said.

However, other local departments say they're concerned.

"It's kind of a perfect storm. In the past 20 years there's never been an issue of getting ammunition. In times past we would place an order and it would be in within two to three weeks," Barnes said.

Right now suppliers are telling the Van Alstyne Police Department orders could take up to a year to ship, which could impact a critical aspect of their job.  

"We're required by law to qualify annually and during the year we have practices where our officers are kept up to speed so they can be more efficient," Barnes said. 

They say less supplies could mean less extra training at the gun range. In order to avoid that from happening, Van Alstyne police say their looking into other distributors.

"We have reached out to other manufacturer dealers and all of them are running into the same problem with the demand," Barnes said.

"Everything we get in, we sell it and it goes fast," J & S Pawn's Dennis Haskins said.

Even if they do have to borrow from other local departments or distributors, they say the shortage is not a public safety issue.