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Manhunt In Coal Co. After Estranged Wife Threatened


COAL COUNTY, OK -- Lawmen have been on a manhunt here all day, after they say a man kidnapped his wife at gunpoint, and now he is still believed to be hiding in the woods.

Sheriff Bryan Jump says Timothy Horn, 41, decided take his estranged wife at gunpoint and she got away, but he is still missing in the woods. Around 3 p.m., a huge contingent from the OHP tactical team showed up to help in the search.

As darkness fell, more than two dozen OHP troopers and other lawmen wrapped up their search without any sign of a man believed to be on the run in the woods east of Lehigh.

"All I've heard is he's back this way and Atoka County and Coal County is looking for him," says cousin Chris Horn.

Relatives say they are surprised and worried about Timothy Horn. According to Jump, deputies were called at 7 a.m. Saturday to a report that a man had kidnapped his estranged wife.

Jump says Horn went to E Avenue and kicked in the woman's door. forcing her into her car at gunpoint, but when she ran into a pole nearby, she was able to get away. But Horn apparently ran into the woods.

"The one thing that we all want to do is we want to pick up the phone and call him and say, hey man let's help you, but we can't do that," says cousin Mandy Crites.

The wife had filed for divorce from Horn a few weeks ago. Troopers were out most of the day, and into the night, setting up a perimeter around the search area and letting neighbors into their homes.

"I don't know why he's running I don't know why he won't turn himself in," says Crites.

Relatives say Horn had been staying at his mother's house on Division Street. Residents were surprised to see all the troopers show up. "There's probably half a dozen within a mile," says Mike Hensley.

"I've been stopped by six different police officers just driving around in the country," says another resident.

As deputies continued to watch the area, relatives were waiting for Horn's return. "I hope he's safe, but he's got himself into a tough spot right now," says Chris Horn.

Jump says even though that tactical team has left, deputies continue to watch for Horn and plan to do so through Sunday. If captured, he will face charges of kidnapping and first degree burglary.