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Grayson County Rethinks Campus Security


GRAYON COUNTY, TX--  Grayson county college officials said they spent several weeks before students returned to school from Christmas break, making sure they're prepared in case of a situation with an active shooter.

They said even though they role played through fake situations, it's hard to prepare for a real one.

"Obviously trying to prepare for something like sandy hook or Houston is almost impossible, you cant prepare for what happened there. We can do our best, but mentally how do you prepare for that," Director of public safety, Andrew MacPherson said.

Students shared their opinions on what they thought about the college's current security precautions.

"I don't think that you could ever really be prepared for something like a school shooting," student Eric Wright said.

Campus police said in case of emergencies, students are notified immediately through a text message or an email alert.

"I think there should be more police officers patrolling around campus because they have guns, the campus police don't. There's not really much they can do but send us alerts," student Brittnea Troxtell said.

Grayson county officials said there is a program on campus called B.I.T, which stands for behavioral intervention team.

"What it allows the colleges to do is, especially in the mental health side to receive reports from faculty and staff of students that may be displaying signs of mental distress or in a need of counseling services," Andrew MacPherson said.