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The Cost of Fighting the Flu


POTTSBORO, TX--- This year's flu season started early and has spread like wildfire. Right now, 47 states, including Texas and Oklahoma, have reported an elevated number of outbreaks.

The Centers for Disease Control says the average cost of getting a flu shot is $35 dollars per person, a price the agency says is minuscule when compared to treatment. They say one out of every three Americans spend between $250 to $1,000 while recovering from the flu.

Family Pharmacy of Pottsboro Pharmacist Sue Morrison-Peippo says the most common prescription for the flu is Tamiflu. For the insured, she says the prescription typically costs around $10 to $70 dollars, but for the uninsured it can cost up to $100.

She says flu fighters who don't want to shell out the big bucks usually turn to over-the-counter medications.

"We've been suggesting a lot of Ibuprofen, which is the generic of Advil or Motrin," Morrison-Peippo said.

However, she says even these medications still add up. So what's the best way to avoid the high costs? Morrison-Peippo says using common sense, which is free.

"Make sure you're getting adequate rest and make sure the people around you are using good hygiene in terms of sneezing and coughing," Morrison-Peippo said.

She also says that the flu shot and a good supply of hand sanitizer always helps.

"Hand sanitizer is cheap, you're looking at a couple bucks," Morrison-Peippo said.