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Texas School District Security Act


DENISON, TX - A growing number of lawmakers in Texas are looking for ways to make classrooms safer for students.

On Tuesday 3 lawmakers in Austin announced the "Texas School District Security Act."

They say their bill will give school districts more options for increased law enforcement and other security measures.

Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, wants state-funded weapons training for teachers.

But here in Grayson County opinions are mixed.

"It could happen to us, you know it could happen right here in Denison, Texas."

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, Denison 8th grader Hailey Dunn says school has been a little nerve wracking.

"Sometimes I think is there going to be a lock down today, or is there going to be anyone trying to come and kills us," said Hailey.

That's why she and her dad say they'd feel a lot safer if her teachers were properly trained to carry guns.

"As Americans we put our money behind armored vehicles to transport and armed guards we put it in banks it's behind bullet proof glass, we need to take those kinds of measures, if we can't get that, arming the teachers and principals would be a step towards the right direction," said parent, Ray Dunn.

But Superintendent Doctor Henry Scott doesn't agree.

"I'm not sure that arming our teachers is the best approach."

Doctor Scott says what the schools need are resources and funding to improve school security.

He says it's time for lawmakers in Austin to step up to the plate.

"I've heard a lot of talk from Austin and very little action, and we need some action at this point in time and we need for them to lead," said Dr. Scott.

And even parents say, it comes down to how much money the state is willing to invest in the safety of the schools.

 "Bullet proof glass, you know I'm fine with that, secure features in the school, go ahead and hire a private security team, whatever you gotta do, that would be the best thing, nobody would have to carry a gun in a school and that'd be great," said Dunn.

Texas' Concealed Handgun Law bans guns in schools unless the district has regulations allowing them.

Right now two school districts already allow teachers with CHL's to carry weapons to school.