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Oklahoma Reevaluates Grading Scale For Schools


     A few months ago we told you... A new "A" through "F" report card was put out by the state board of education. On it, some good news for schools and some bad news for schools. Plainview was one of the only schools, not only in texoma, but in the state to receive an "A" on that report card. But other schools scored "B's", Madill Middle School scored a "C" and Farris Public Schools in Atoka County scored an "F".

     Since then, local educators have questioned the reliability of that grading scale. So, the state called in experts from O.U. and O.S.U. to re-evaluate. On Thursday that report showed the "A" through "F" grading scale really isn't all that accurate and there are too many flaws to accurately judge a district.

To read the report in its entirety click on this link: http://www.ossba.org/Websites/ossba/images/A-Fpdf_Reportresearchstudy.pdf