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Texoma teen wins 2 world titles


SHERMAN, TX - A few years ago he was fighting to defend himself against bullies at school, but now he's going toe to toe with some of the world's best fighters and coming out on top!

This Tom Bean teen says he started learning how to fight to defend himself, but now he's taking what he's learned and taking on the world.

"He's a good kid, he's a good learner, he likes people," said Fight Time Fitness Coach, Mike West.

But don't let this 17 year old's size fool you.

Dylan Doolittle has been fighting most of his life.

"I was bored with sports, football, basketball, things kids do all the time, so I was just trying to find something to kind of separate me from everybody else," said Doolittle.

These days he fights inside a ring, but that wasn't always the case.

When he was younger a lot of his problems ended in fights.

"I didn't really know any other way to express, I'd get mad. Were you bullied? Yeah, a lot."

Years of being bullied in school left Dylan yearning for a way to deal.

"Typical small town young guy problems, you know we've all had it, I've been there. It's just some of these kids need a vent, somewhere to go to release it," said West.

"Mentally it's easier to clear my mind, you know I just come here, train a little bit and all of the sudden everything is better," Doolittle said.

Five years of serious mixed martial arts training has paid off, in more ways than one.

He recently won his second world title in grappling, but more than that, Dylan says his perception of bullies has changed.

"You know people messing with me, what are they going to be in a few years compared to what I'll be, If I just keep doing what I'm doing and ignore what they're saying about me, I can move forward and they'll still be stuck in that."

And that's just what Coach West hopes to see.

"You can shape and mold a child's life, and then they come out winning world titles, it's a feather in our cap, it's a bonus, ya know," West said.