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String Of Suspicious Fires in Sherwood Shores

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SHERWOOD SHORES,TX--- Fire officials are investigating a series of suspicious fires they believe were set in Sherwood Shores over the past 11 days. Eight structures have caught fire in the last two weeks, leaving many residents in Sherwood Shores on edge about a possible arsonist on the loose. All of the fires occurred after midnight on three different days.

The latest fire occurred Saturday night at Lana Weides' lake house.

"They're really getting brave now, this just upsets me because it was in my kids bedroom," Weides said.  

Her house, like all of the other Shorewood Shores properties, was vacant when the fire occurred. No one was hurt. She says if it wasn't for her neighbor's help, her house would have burned to the ground.

"We have wonderful neighbors who heard noises out here and heard them starting the fire and immediately called 911," Weides said.

Fire fighters then arrived and were able to put out the fire quickly. Investigators say they believe the fires are all related.

"Given the vicinity and the timeframe of the last 11 days, you don't have random things like this happen," County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton said.

Weides says the fires have left many of her neighbors fearful for their own homes.

"They're having fires right in their front yard, you know, it's scary, it's downright scary. They're going to end up killing someone," Weides said.  

Investigators say they're doing everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen.

"In the last 11 days we've had a lot of witnesses come and give statements. My office and the Sheriff's Department are working on those leads right now," Walton said.  

If you have any information on these fires, you can contact the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.