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Teenager Arrested In Johnston County Murder


JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- A teenager is in jail tonight accused of murder, after a shooting that killed the victim before rescuers arrived.

Bee-Butcher Pen Volunteer Fire Department Chief Noel Martin says after more than 30 years in this quiet community, he has never seen anything like what happened on Friday night.

"Laying there in the yard, he was laying on his back looking straight up, he was already deceased when we got there," says Martin.

Martin says he got a call from the Sheriff's office around 11 p.m., and went to the house on Perry Drive. "There was four of us went, and we got there, and the man was laying there in the yard dead, and the guy was sitting on the porch that did the shooting," says Martin.

Deputies arrested Shelby Hicks, 18, and he was taken to the Johnston County Jail. "He said he did it he had the gun and everything there and he was just sitting on the porch waiting for the police to get there," says Martin.

Sheriff Tom Winkler says the man who was shot died at the scene and Hicks is being held on suspicion of first degree murder. Formal charges could be filed next week and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was also called in to help with the investigation.

According to the OSBI, victim Sergei Hyde, 24, and Hicks were both guests at the house, and the shooting happened a few minutes after Hyde got there around 9:15 p.m.

"Pretty much keep to ourselves and you know they're just people that live across the street. We know them and we've borrowed a cup of sugar or something from each other," says neighbor Nona Newton. "She's got younger kids and I don't."

Winkler says the men may have been drinking, but that the Sheriff's office and the OSBI still have a long way to go in their investigation. Hyde was shot three times and there is no word on the motive. Officers were at the house for much of the night.