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Advice for Icy Weather and Extensions in Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK-  Oklahoma snow and hazardous conditions has hardware professionals giving advice and city leaders giving extensions on past due water balances.

Hardware professionals say before you start enjoying the snow, make sure your home is winterized.

"With the bad weather that we've had the main thing people need to do is make sure that everything is sealed up really good. You start off with your door weather stripping, make sure there's no cold air coming in" says Patrick McGuire of the County Building Center.

Just like you seal your doors, you also want to seal your windows too.

"Same thing with your window get a product like this to go around the window to make sure theirs no cold air coming in" says McGuire.

You also want to make sure that sources that feed cold are into the inside of your home are closed.

"Make sure if you have a crawl space like this , make sure you get all of the cold air from going into the house" says the hardware professional.  

 Many people have asked how to protect their water sources, there are many answers to that question.

"Main concern for most people is the pipes or outside faucets, make sure your pipes are covered up, you've got faucet covers you can use" according to McGuire.

Speaking of water, due to the icy conditions the City of Ardmore is giving residents some more time to pay past dues water bills to avoid disconnection.