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President Bush moved to ICU in "guarded condition"


HOUSTON -- It was just three years ago that President George Herbert Walker Bush went skydiving on his 85th birthday. Thursday, he was in the intensive care unit at a Houston hospital where he checked in more than a month ago with bronchitis.

"He's had a series of setbacks that have complicated the timeline for his release," spokesperson Jim McGrath said.

According to McGrath, Mr. Bush is suffering from a persistent fever.

"He is the most relentlessly positive person," McGrath said. "He said 'I'm determined not to be grumpy about all this'."

But while he may be in good spirits, he's also said to be in "guarded condition" and his doctors are "cautiously optimistic," not good signs according to Dr. Sanober Kable, a pulmonologist and critical care doctor in Sherman.

"Guarded means, in general, a poor prognosis," she said.

Dr. Kable says in more advanced cases of bronchitis, the body can reject typical medication that would ordinarily cure it. She says developing a fever that won't break could mean his body is going into septic shock, a medical condition that is as a result of severe infection.

"As an intensivist, I don't know that a patient who has ended up in an ICU with a fever of unknown origin, where we are saying the prognosis is guarded, it could be that he is in sepsis or septic shock," she said.

Still family and friends remain optimistic, and fans in Texoma hope to see him land safely from this latest health scare.

"I believe he's going to get a lot of support from this area. We're behind him 100%," Robert Anderson said.

A spokesperson says Mr. Bush is talking with medical staff, and that his family is with him.