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Driving Tricky As Texoma Thaws Out From Snow


DENISON, TX -- The snow that gave Texoma a White Christmas is slowly melting away, but some people still had a difficult day of driving, especially on icy overpasses.

Because there is no warm earth underneath these bridges, they tend to be extra slick, and on Wednesday that caused at least one driver some big trouble.

Texoma's White Christmas on Tuesday turned to ice during the night, making for a slippery drive on Wednesday morning. One driver was going along Highway 75 in Denison, when he suddenly came to an extra-slick overpass. "I noticed that it was icy and started to tap my brakes before I got there and I just hadn't slowed down enough and went into a spin," says Lane Whitfield.

The driver was okay but his car had to be towed away from the area of the bridge over the Union Pacific tracks near West Morton Street. It was not just car wheels spinning on the ice, walking also turned tricky. "We had a co-worker today fall and break a bone. We hope everybody takes care and going out by yourself without a cell phone may not be the best plan," says county emergency management director Sarah Somers.

"I've fallen twice today," says Clay Quassa, adding that he was okay. "People saw it, so that hurt."

Plenty of shoppers made it to Sherman Town Center, but for some, it was not without a few headaches along the way. "I stayed on the highway, I stayed on the main roads that everyone else has been driving on," says Nicole Hardin.

"It was pretty thick until we got out to the highway and then it cleared up a little bit," says Matt Cook.

Even as the main roads started to clear out as the sun melted the snow, many of the side streets still had plenty of slushy spots. "It seems like the side roads area worse than the highway, but those aren't as bad anymore either," says Desmond Kelly.

Some people took a chance to get out in the snow and go sledding at Waterloo Park in Denison. "We brought a box, but somebody gave us an aluminum sled," says Grace Quick, 10.

For them, it is a way to enjoy something that does not come around very often. "This year's been a blessing for us here on Christmas Day, and hanging around for a couple days after, we hope," says Keith Gilliam.

Officials warned with temperatures dropping, some of the snow and slush would re-freeze, so drivers should be very cautious.