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Bed Bugs Could Be an Issue of the Past


ARDMORE, OK-  Bed bugs come out at night and are drawn to human blood. Scientist say, they their not easy to notice until they've done their damage.

Mattress salesman and comfort specialist David Montgomery says he's seen an increase of people wanting to buy new mattresses because of creepy crawlers, bed bugs.

"Especially in the last two years, we've seen a noticeable increase, it is a problem and it keeps growing" according to Montgomery.

Montgomery says signs of bed bugs speak for themselves.

"Most of them are itchy, spots on their body that their noticing, and that's a tell tell sign, it's always a tell-tell sign with bed bugs."

An Oklahoma man say's he's found the all natural solution to kill bed bugs and Oklahoma State University is backing him.

"It's been proven at Oklahoma State Entomology Department to be one hundred percent effective against bed bugs," said Tony Ingle founder of Greeway Formula Seven.

Tony Ingle said in order to truly treat bed bugs, you have a little spraying to do.

"You'll treat more than just the bed, you'll treat the base board, sofa's and everywhere you have an infestation" said Ingle.

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