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Sherman Schools Get Big Bucks In Fundraiser


SHERMAN, TX -- Students completed a fundraising project with big results, raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Sherman Independent School District.

Students have been asking people to buy a Major Saver card, a plastic card which offers free items with a purchase at 15 restaurants. The students sold more than 9,000 cards, raising $45,000 for extra items in classrooms like "e-readers" and plastic blocks to learn math.

It is one of a few fundraisers each year for the Sherman Education Foundation. "The funds for Major saver are especially important, because they go directly back to the campuses for the principals and staff to determine how they want to use those funds," says Sherman Education Foundation president Kathy Bickerstaff.

Bickerstaff says half the money goes to the foundation's endowment, and half to the schools. Over the last nine years, they have raised about $335,000 with the program.