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Texoma Parents Upset After Mass Shooting


DENISON, TX -- Parents are hugging their kids closer tonight after hearing about a shooting that killed 26 people in Connecticut.

Parents send their children to school expecting that they will be safe, and those learning about the shooting Friday were shocked by the loss of young life and were anxious to see their kids.

"Any kind of death is bad, especially when it's unexpected like that, but these were just babies," says Cacey Tepera.

"I usually come and get them a little later, but you know you get nervous," says Theresa Errico. Errico says after watching news about the shooting on Friday, she was ready to get her grandkids as soon as she could. "You just want to see them and be with them."

"I try not to worry about it, we try to protect him as much as we can," says Danna Donahue.

Some parents say they are confident that their children will be safe in school, while others worry when their child is away. "There's a lot of people out there that's angry they take it out on other people," says Tammy Sanders.

"You always kind of worry that something random's gonna happen, but not in this town," says Shelbi Milks.

Some parents we spoke to at Mayes Elementary School say they had not yet heard about the shooting on Friday afternoon, while others who had plan to discuss it with their children, depending on their age.

"My son, he's almost 7, so we'll probably talk to him about it," says Tepera.

"I think I'd let their daddy do that, their mom, what they wanted them to know," says grandparent Paulinda Fletcher.

The shooting also has many thinking about what to tell their children to do, if they are faced with a similar emergency.

"You have to say something or else they're not going to know how to react in a situation, at least listen to the teacher and get down," says Milks.

"Just drop on the floor and things like that, you don't know what you're going to do after that happen," says Jorge Gutierrez. "I hope we don't have that problem around here."

In Connecticut, authorities have not spoken publicly of any possible motive for the shootings. Police say they are questioning the shooter's older brother who is not believed to have any involvement in the rampage, and his mother was a teacher at the school who was also found dead at her home.