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Theft on the Rise this Holiday Season


SHERMAN,TX--- Research shows that more then $3.7 billion could be taken from businesses this holiday season. Today, police discussed the most popular types of holiday theft and what to look out for.

"Retail theft tends to increase during the holiday season," Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.

Belk employee Shirley Armstrong says as holiday shopping spikes, so does holiday theft.

"We always see a spike in theft during the holidays," Armstrong said.

Armstrong says she's not sure why people feel the need to take during the season of giving.

"I don't know if it's because they don't have the money to shop or if they just like to shoplift," Armstrong said.

"People that may be out of work, desperate or hit with hard times may choose to steal since they can't afford to buy the products or things that they're looking for," Hampton said.  

A recent study from the Centre for Retail Research says almost $4 billion dollars of merchandise could be stolen this holiday season and that clothing, cosmetics and electronics are among the most stolen items during the holiday frenzy.

Armstrong says she agrees and that a few of these items have been swiped more then others.

"Cosmetics, shoes, handbags and Polo clothing," said Armstrong.

Police say retail stores aren't the only places being targeted by thieves.

"The second largest thing we see is maybe an increase in burglary of motor vehicles," Hampton said.  

As you load up your car with all of your holiday purchases you need to make sure that you're not turning yourself into a target. Police say if it's easy to see, it's easy to steal and that you need to cover your items.

Cat Manton says she's a big believer in hiding her things. So far, she's never had anything stolen from her.

"Between stores I'll put everything from the stores in my car and make sure it is locked. I'll just double check them and make sure that I know my items are safe and that they are not able to be seen by anyone else," said Manton.

Police say thieves typically go from car to car, checking for unlocked doors.

"They want an easy way to get in and what they don't want to do in a crowded parking lot is to bust a window out. It makes too much noise. They want to go around and open door handles and things like that," Hampton said.  

Sherman police also say theft can occur outside your car, in the parking lot. They suggest not carrying a lot of packages at one time and always being aware or your surroundings.