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Whitewright Church Collects Gifts At Roadside Camp


WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- A group of church members is collecting Christmas gifts in an unusual way, as they take their charity drive to a spot where drivers in town cannot miss them.

The roadside donation spot has a dedicated organizer who faithfully oversees the collections day and night for weeks. Some people have stopped by with toys and canned goods, but the volunteers are still well short of their goal.

One man says he wouldn't let a near-death experience stop him from doing his part. Whitewright resident Bill Roberts says it was just last Friday, when he was rushed to the hospital. "I started having pains in my back and chest all of a sudden, started sweating real bad," says Roberts.

Roberts was having a heart attack and says doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ put in two stents and he survived. The Robertses are looking forward to this Christmas and to share their spirit with others, they brought gifts to a unique roadside camp on Highway 11 near US 69 on Thursday.

"He's got his camper here and he comes out in the morning and builds a fire and welcomes the people," says participant Eddie McCartney.

King's Trail Cowboy Church member Bob Adams parked his RV here and mans this spot, collecting food, toys, and clothes for needy families. "The little ol' kids don't feel like they're going to have much and we know that the Lord will provide if we ask," says Adams.

Adams says he has been keeping the fire and the coffee pot going for about two weeks now, and he has another week left to go before it is time to distribute the gifts for Christmas.

"One of our lay pastors felt led by the Lord that we needed to get out in the community and just go out in the middle of everybody and start doing something really big," says pastor Jason Norton.

While they wait for donations, they talk and eat. "We cook stew and cowboy chili and you just name it, whatever the old boys cooked out on the prairie," says Adams.

"There's some singing that goes on, there's some music that's being played, hearing some of the old campfire stories," says participant Dennis Brewster.

They hope to spread the fellowship and show others they care. "Without this, a lot of these families wouldn't have Christmas for their kids," says Brewster.

The effort began about four years ago in Van Alstyne before the church moved to Whitewright. They cooperate with several other churches and organizers say they will give away all the toys and food in Whitewright on the Saturday morning before Christmas.