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Plainview School District Putting Bond Money to Good Use


A $4.5  million dollar bond has Plainview administrators talking growth and expansion.

"Last spring, the patrons of our school district gave us a wonderful opportunity, we passed a bond issue that we have multiple projects on and we hit the ground running this summer right away" said district superintendent Karl Stricker.

The Plainview superintendent says the next few months will be busy as construction on a new building is scheduled any day now.

"Just this winter now, we're going to begin our construction on a little over five thousand square feet of additional classroom space and restroom areas at our middle school" said Sticker.

@Some of the districts major bond projects include, constructing new classrooms and restrooms at the middle school , getting more technology on each campus, adding security systems and making each student tech-savey.

"Our kids in our elementary school are putting together video and PowerPoint presentations with sound and these other things incorporating the media and its really an exciting thing" explained Stricker.

Plainview Middle School principal Tim Parham says the whole district is excited about some of the cool improvements in the works.

"Technology has grown through the use of laptops with our teachers and now we're getting in some I-pads, we've pulled a lot of wires so we can be wireless which is very odd I guess, but becoming a wireless campus, but eventually we want to have some one to- one initiative where we have these kids carrying some kind of device" said Principal Parham.

Both administrators say they can't do their jobs without great support

"We've had a lot of successes over the years, not only academics but through our activities, maybe some athletics and some other things but we have got some tremendous teachers, tremendous students, and our parent support is just out of this world, so we are very fortunate, we're blessed to be here in Plainview" according to Principal Parham.