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Lone Grove Police Crack Down On Drunk Driving


As the holidays approach, it's that time of year when the number of people drinking and driving goes up.

Police in Lone Grove, are trying to put the brakes on drunk driving.

Police in Lone Grove say they're cracking down on drunk driving. So, you better drive sober or you'll get pulled over and be prepared to serve time and pay some hefty fines.

"During a certain period of time we try to get out and be a little more active and be more seen and try to reduce the numbers in regards to drunk drivers" said Lone Grove officer Mike Huff.

Lone Grove police were recently awarded a grant by Oklahoma Highway Patrol that will keep more cops on the road with some new equipment to quickly identify drunk drivers.

"They draw departments out and this year we were lucky enough to be the ones that were drawn and I talked to Chief Odom and Chief Odom said we going to use that money towards buying p.b.t's as well as radars" according to Huff.

We caught up with some student drivers in lone grove who say drunk driving is not cool and it's not safe.

"Drunk driving gets a lot of people killed each year the rates are just high right now and people just don't believe in listening to the law" said a student driver.

"It just gets a lot of people hurt and injured each year and it takes away a lot of people's loved ones and its not a good deal" according to another student driver.

Lone Grove police have a message this holiday season: 

"We're not going to tolerate it, we're going to be out there, we're going to be seen and continue to do our jobs and if your driving under the influence, you will go to jail."