Black Friday Shoppers Out Across Texoma - - No One Gets You Closer

Black Friday Shoppers Out Across Texoma


SHERMAN,TX--- Hundreds of Texoma shoppers swarmed the Sherman Town Center today in search of big savings. Every year shoppers go crazy over the highly anticipated Black Friday deals.

Many of the shoppers we talked to today say they planned their purchases days in advance.

But are the savings worth it? Several shoppers say Black Friday equals big savings and that money saved is well worth the hassle.

"I've probably saved $400.00," shopper Brenda Mobley said.

"Probably about $700.00," shopper Kristy Head said.

"We saved $70.00 on the camera," shopper Billy Minor said.  

Although some shoppers out today say fighting the crowds is worth it, they also say waiting in line overnight is not.

"You know the savings are good, but you don't get the time back that you spend a day waiting for," Billy Minor said.

So what were today's most anticipated items?

"There's a mixture from the TVs all the way down to the laptops and the Kindle Fire. One of the biggest things that we had was the Samsung Galaxy S3," Sherman Best Buy manager Brain Dean said.  

"Microsoft points, games for XBOX and I got a GPS," Brenda Mobley said.

"Furniture, TV sets, everything, entertainment centers, I'm looking for all of it," Kristy Head said.