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House Fire Near Luella Started By Cooking


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A family had their Thanksgiving holiday cut short, when embers on a barbeque caught their house on fire.

At a house in Luella, a family had finished their Thanksgiving dinner around 4 p.m. on Thursday, when a loud noise drew them to the other side of the house.

"We just heard the explosion and walked back there and opened the back door, the whole patio was on fire," says father Ralph Dale Mobbs.

Resident Dale Mobbs had cooked smoked turkey on an outdoor grill. He says he and his family were watching the Cowboys game, when they ran to the deck, but by the time they saw the fire there wasn't much they could do.

"I tried to grab the water hose, but it wasn't no use," says Dale Mobbs. "I couldn't get close enough to do anything, so just waiting on the fire trucks."

"The fire was reported initially exterior on the deck, and it spread to the house," says Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones. "On our units' arrival, about half the house was pretty well involved."

As the flames spread, neighbors drawn by the black cloud of smoke drove down Cedar Road to see which house was on fire. "I could see all the smoke I thought it was another neighbor's house on fire and then I realized it was on down the road," says neighbor Sherial Vaughn.

"It started right here in this corner, the right in the corner of the house and moved back with the wind," says son Cody Mobbs.

Dale Mobbs says he is left wondering what went wrong on his propane grill. "Everything was off and we done quit, but there was still, I mean it was a wood stove so there was still coals and stuff."

He says he will be able to stay with relatives, and since this did happen, he is glad it happened at a time when his family is there for support. Sherman, Tom Bean, and Bells firefighters were among those on scene. 

County assistant fire marshal David Gallagher says embers on the barbeque started the fire and the explosion sound likely came from the grill's propane tank after the fire started. Three residents plan to stay with family members. One side of the house was damaged, but the other side remained intact.