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Texoma Airman Returns Home to Meet Son for the First Time


ARDMORE, OK---Candace Richardson knew she wanted children and that being a new mom would be tough. But what she didn't know was that she'd have to do it without her husband.

"He left five days before he was born," Richardson said. 

Little Collin Richardson was born six months ago on a Thursday. His dad was deployed the Sunday before.

Although his daddy Master Sergeant Gabe Richardson was half a world away, the new dad was watching via Skype throughout the 14 hours of labor. And when collin was finally here, his daddy could only watch..

While the couple says that moment was tough, they had no idea how hard the next 6 months apart would be.

"Going to bed at night alone every night was really hard. We missed a lot of firsts," Richardson said.

The birth of their first child to their first wedding anniversary a month later.

And as the months rolled on the list of firsts grew longer.

"You know he started sitting up, obviously rolling over, he's cutting teeth," said Richardson

As most older veterans will tell you, modern technology has come a long way from the days where snail mail and pictures were the only way to communicate. But, this new mom says often times it made it harder.

"He reaches for my face, he smiles, he coos at you and I know what Gabe wants that more than anything is to just get a hold of him and do that. So, I think that yeah it's been a great experience to have Skype but I also think it's been tough," said Richardson