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Sherman Murder Case Appeal Continues After 28 Years


SHERMAN, TX -- Another hearing wrapped up in a murder case where the accused killer has been sitting on death row for nearly three decades.

The matter will be turned back to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin in a few weeks to decide on the next step, as convicted killer Lester Bower passed another year waiting for possible execution.

On Tuesday, Bower turned 65, and he has been on death row since age 36. Three weeks ago, Bower was transported from Huntsville to the Grayson County Jail for two days of hearings.

On Monday, another hearing was called in the case, with another witness who claims that someone other than Bower killed four men at a Sherman ranch. Bower's alleged motive was stealing an "ultralight plane," a device that would propel him into the sky. Prosecutors say the new witnesses are not credible.

"It continues to be people coming up just reciting hearsay that they've heard over the last 30 years," says District Attorney Joe Brown. "We don't think it's going to be anything that's going to change the outcome. It's certainly something that the judge felt like everything needs to be out on the table."

Judge Jim Fallon will rule on the new testimony and DNA evidence in the next few weeks. The Court of Criminal Appeals, the same court that visited Austin College for a special session last week, had ordered the case back to Fallon to look at the new evidence.

Bower is one of the longest serving inmates on death row in Texas.